Metropolis formazione Project


METROPOLIS formazione - Progetto di formazione per Tecnici di ricerca esperti nell’applicazione di tecniche e metodologie di gestione e mitigazione del rischio del sistema urbano


The training program provides a level of activity intended for long-term initiative that takes place parallel to the whole research project and combines the thematic point of view with some phases of the project. The goal is to train professionals specialized techniques, that are able to interact in the processes of innovation generation and its application in the field of management and mitigation of risks for urban system.
We identified two training courses for graduates in Engineering and Architecture, and a diploma of higher technical institute for surveyors and experts, regard some of the themes developed from the research project and which concern the methods and techniques for the acquisition of data aimed at the characterization of the physical reality, and for the assessment of seismic risk and hydrogeological of the urban system. The two figures will have to interact and collaborate with the activities of the research project since the training courses reflect the stages of the planning process
that, starting from the knowledge and the representation of the urban system as a whole and its subsystems come to define a methodology for the risk assessment of the system in the area of seismic risk mitigation and hydro-geological risk. The training profiles described have been named as follows:

  • SK1: Technical expert in the application of methods and techniques for data acquisition aimed at understanding the physical reality of the urban system;
  • SK2: Technical research expert in the evaluation and management of seismic risk and hydrogeological for the urban systems.



Stress S.c.a r.l.

Duration: 2015-2016


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