Our Network


Stress performs its business entailing research projects, technology transfer, and support of new business ventures, through its own network composed of Universities, Research Institutes, Private Sector Firms, and Industry Associations.  
Out of this partnerships, many projects and opportunities have taken shape, both local and national. To promote updating courses and continuing education on Seismic Safety for existing buildings in the Campania Region, Stress has signed agreements with the local Association of Construction Industry and the Association of Professional Engineers of Naples. Nationwide, Stress has entered into an agreement with Universities, Research Institutes and the National Association of the Construction Industry to broaden its operations and manage major projects in the sector.
As far as International business, STRESS is member of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), Energy Efficient Buildings association (E2BA), Heritage and Regeneration, Infrastuctures and Mobility,  and is the Coordinator of the ROSE Commitment, established under the European Innovation Partnership, to foster re-cycling of secondary raw materials for a sustainable optimization of construction processes.