E2B - Energy Efficient Buildings Committee


STRESS is a member of three of the five committees in which the ECTP is organized, including E2B - Energy Efficient Buildings

E2B’s vision is to drive the creation of a knowledge-based building industry which turns energy efficiency into sustainable business, within the PPP (Public Private Partnership) EeB under Horizon 2020.

The general objectives of E2B are:

  • Develop technologies and solutions enabling to speed up the reduction in energy use and GHG emission in line with the 2020 goals, e.g. through a higher renovation rate of the building stock at lower cost and to meet regulatory needs;
  • Develop energy efficiency solutions in order to turn the building industry into a knowledge-driven sustainable business, with higher productivity and higher skilled employees;
  • Develop innovative and smart systemic approaches for green buildings and districts, helping to improve the competitiveness of EU building industry by providing cost-effective, user-friendly, healthy and safe products for smart cities.