STRIT Project



STRIT - Strumenti e Tecnologie per la gestione del Rischio delle Infrastrutture di Trasporto


STRIT - Strumenti e Tecnologie per la gestione del Rischio delle Infrastrutture di Trasporto (which stands, in Italian, for Tools and Technologies for Risk Management of Transport Infrastructure) is a research project which aims at developing technologies and tools to lower the risk along roads exposed to natural hazards, including earthquakes. Research on new technologies to improve seismic resistance of structure, innovative bridge monitoring, and development of a Decision Support System (DSS) to optimize maintenance strategies and interventions are among the main issues of the project, which includes also some demonstration activities.

The project’s goals are the following:

  • Assessment of vulnerability of bridges and structures along a road network located in the Campania Region;
  • Research on issues regarding seismic isolation and seismic retrofitting techniques;
  • Development of a Maintenance Decision Support System based on Life-Cycle Analysis;
  • Innovative Monitoring systems of bridges;
  • Early Warning Systems (EEWS) with rapid damage assessment and emergency management in post-event condition.

Demonstration activities have been carried out in many sites in Campania, in Calabria and in Sicilia, and in laboratories (UNINA - NapoliEucentre - Pavia)


Duration: 3 years (2012-2015)



Project Coordinator: Stress S.c.a r.l.,

Università di Napoli “Federico II”, Università della Calabria, AMRA S.c.a r.l., EUCENTRE, Diagnosis, DISMAT, Boviar, Laboratori e Ricerche





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